Feb. 12 Superior Court Fairness Hearing Cancelled

According to the clerk at the Superior Court Law Division in Somerville, NJ, the February 12 Fairness Hearing for the affordable housing settlement between Clinton Township and the Fair Share Housing Center has been cancelled.

According to the clerk, the Fairness Hearing must be rescheduled after the council amends the settlement agreement.

Settlement to be amended

Clinton Township just issued a revised agenda for its February 7 council meeting, adding a 6:00 pm closed session about the settlement. The agenda includes an Action Item upon return from closed session at 7:00 pm:

“Motion regarding proposed amendment to settlement agreement with Fair Share Housing Center in In the Matter of Township of Clinton v. State of New Jersey, Docket No. HNTL-315-15.”

It appears the terms of the settlement will be modified, resulting in the cancellation of the Fairness Hearing. The Court clerk said a new Fairness Hearing would have to be scheduled for an amended agreement.

Marookian site approved by Court

The Court also issued today an “Order Approving The Marookian Affordable Housing Project And Certifying The Township’s Compliance Plan To Date As To That Project.”

This appears to be the Court’s decision about an objection filed by a developer, Clinton 94, LLC, that sought to remove the Marookian site from the plan and to substitute its own. The Court order does not appear to rule on other objections filed about the settlement agreement.

What is the amendment?

It is not known what “amendment” the council will make to the settlement agreement on February 7, or what if anything the amendment will have to do with any of the other objections filed.

Does not affect Feb. 5 public hearing about 66 units in Annandale

It is worth noting that this does not affect the February 5 planning board meeting concerning the 66-unit development slated for the Old Beaverbrook Homestead in Annandale. That public hearing is still on. (Click here for more information.)

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