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At It Again: It’s time for a Clinton Township school board member to resign

Oooooh…  Tarnation! They just keep flubbing the law! Teacher’s gonna be mad… The bad boys and girls of the Clinton Township school board are at it again. A candidate in the November 6 Clinton Township school board election misused a Clinton Township recreation … Continue reading

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New Jersey swallows JCP&L’s “7-10 days” PR gambit

JCP&L executed a brilliant PR tactic as Hurricane Sandy approached New Jersey. Even before the storm hit, and before they could possibly know the extent of outages, JCP&L announced that “it will take 7-10 days to bring power back.” How’d they … Continue reading

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3 MMMbarrassment for Clinton Township

The “3 Ms” running for “re-election” on the Clinton Township school board are an embarrassment: Kevin Maloy Rachel McLaughlin Dan McTiernan Hundreds of their campaign signs are all over town. The three incumbents have ganged up as a “team” to run against … Continue reading

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