Harmen Vos: Fire the cops!

Harmen Vos has a new solution to taxes: Fire the cops in Clinton Township!

You couldn’t make this stuff up… unless you were Harmen Vos:

“I think Clinton Township should explore the cost-savings of contracting with the State Police; Clinton Township is, after all, surrounded by highways already under the jurisdiction of the State Police.”

— Harmen Vos letter to the editor, TheHCNews Online

Mr. Vos must be well on his way to earning a degree from Spencer Peck University, where anything goes if you can think of it.

Ooops… The N.J. State Police do not contract their services to municipalities, except in rare cases where certain rural towns have no police force to begin with. The State Police do not help towns get rid of their cops. It’s not an option. Can Vos produce evidence that the NJSP would even entertain the idea?

But since when has Harmen Vos ever done any homework before announcing that he wants “someone” to “explore” yet another “Vos Solution” to taxes?

Now it’s back to his advanced curriculum, and on to yet another A+ term paper cum letter to the editor about yet another cockamamie “solution” to taxes… and the 2012 honor roll at Spencer U.


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