Lying to get elected, Borkowski style

In an expected end-of-the-campaign dirty trick, the Imbriaco, Marra, Peck team has sent a letter to voters proclaiming that Clinton Township’s affordable housing plan is no good — and that they will build all our affordable housing on Windy Acres. Presto!

But there’s one little problem…

... You can't build houses on land purchased with open space funds

You can't build houses on land purchased with open space funds

FACT: The township’s affordable housing plan already includes putting housing units on Windy Acres. See minutes of April 22 council meeting. 25 acres have been set aside for COAH.

FACT: The purchase of virtually all the rest of Windy Acres involves funds from the township’s Open Space Trust Fund and from NJ Green Acres.

FACT: Lands purchased with open space trust funds and Green Acres funds cannot be used for housing. Check the regulations.

The Imbriaco, Marra, Peck team hopes you are ignorant and willing to believe campaign literature that gives you no references to prove the claims. We cannot build housing of any kind on land purchased with Open Space funds and Green Acres funds. So, how are they going to build it on Windy Acres?

Imbriaco, Marra & Peck are lying. They hope you will vote for them anyway.

Imbriaco, Marra & Peck claim in their last-minute dirty tricks letter that the Clinton Township Court is losing money.

An alternate calculation? Or an alternate reality?

An "alternate calculation"? Or an "alternate reality"?

“Jim, Peter and Spencer” don’t “have the integrity” to show you the “alternate calculation” — done by former Mayor Tom Borkowski. In that calculation, Borkowski — who is an accountant and lawyer — uses an old accounting trick. He creates an “alternate reality” to suit his political campaign interests.

Borkowski piles up irrelevant costs and says, “See? The Court is losing money!” An accountant and a lawyer can make any operation appear to lose money using this trick. The Township’s budget — including the Court — are available for inspection at the Municipal Building.

The truth is, our Court is doing very well. That seems to drive poor Tom Borkowski crazy, because he left us stuck in the North Hunterdon Court, where we were losing money.

It’s interesting that former Clinton Township Mayor Tom Borkowski, who didn’t do a whole lot during his two terms as mayor, has emerged as one of the most vocal critics of the Corcodilos administration, which is actually trying to get something done.

Hunterdon Review
October 2, 2007

Yet, here comes Borkowski again. He presented his analysis to the Council last Wednesday night. Borkowski allocated over $30,000 for “maintenance” of the courtroom. The township hired no one to do additional cleaning. No overtime is paid. The same person who cleans the council chambers and the planning board room cleans the Court. It’s all in the same room. A thousand bucks for cleanser and toilet paper???

But Borkowski omits savings that our Court has created. For example, our cops no longer have to go to the North Hunterdon Court on their days off for court duty — for which we had to pay them overtime. (The North Court Administrator used to give us lousy schedules.) Now they just walk upstairs from the police station — saving the township over $16,000/year.

Borkowski ought to be ashamed of himself. He had the audience laughing at him. The Court has been in operation a year and a half. All of a sudden, he’s concerned about the Court budget — enough to manufacture this “analysis”?

…there is the issue of Clinton Township leaving the North Hunterdon Municipal Court. The idea didn’t suddenly spawn during Corcodilos’ mayoralty. There was discussion about it during Borkowski’s tenure, but not surprisingly that’s all it was — talk and no action.

Hunterdon Review
October 2, 2007

Borkowski took no action during his administration, so he’s back with more “talk,” more empty complaints, and an “alternate reality.” According to him, all other reports are wrong. Well, according to Borkowski — and to Imbriaco, Marra & Peck, the new “team” Borkowski is running to take over the Clinton Township Council.

This is classic Tom Borkowski. This is the man who told us in 2007 that we didn’t need more space for our police station, which was unsafe. When asked to explain, he said, “I just know.”

The department has no holding cell, no separate entrances for the general public and suspects, and no room to interrogate suspects. Sgt. Ryan Melsky painted a stark picture of the situation at a recent council meeting: “I have seen young kids getting glow sticks for Halloween only to be confronted with intoxicated, bloody suspects at the entrance to the police station,” he said.

Hunterdon Review
October 2, 2007

This is the man who let the municipal building at 1370 Rt 31 North fall into serious disrepair at the same time he left the “Old Municipal Building” in Annandale (which we used for recreation programs) to fall apart. During Borkowski’s term, we had to stop using that building for rec. It was useless because it was unsafe. Borkowski also left the Old Beaverbrook Homestead to fall apart, too. The township had to spend tax dollars to knock down decrepit buildings on the site that were declared dangerous.

Mayor Nick Corcodilos and his administration are having to deal with problems and issues that were either unresolved or simply ignored during Borkowski’s tenure.

Perhaps the most prominent example is that of the Beaver Brook Homestead which was sold at a loss at a public auction last month. The township purchased the homestead for about $1.4 million in the early 1990’s, but previous administrations let it fall into a state of disrepair over the years, and the building only sold for $550,000 at the Sept 7 auction. We were supportive of Corcodilos’ decision to auction off the homestead, which sat vacant for so many years, and get it back on the tax rolls. It’s only a shame that it wasn’t maintained for so many years.

Hunterdon Review
October 2, 2007

Now Borkowski — and his buddies in the IMP campaign — are complaining the current council had to clean up his left-over mess of 6 years.

  • Borkowski left office with a threat from COAH to cancel our substantive certification because he could not resolve the Windy Acres problem. (We took care of it.)
  • He left office — and left us in the North Hunterdon Court, where we were losing $79,000 per year. (We took care of it.)

And now Borkowski and his political friends claim the sky is falling. (It’s not.) And that enables them to proclaim that Mighty Mouse (the IMP?) is here to save the day.

Imbriaco, Marra & Peck are lying. They want you to vote for more of the same unadulterated mis-management Borkowski gave us for 6 years. Perhaps the team should be called Borkowski, Imbriaco, Marra & Peck. (Some of us are still stunned that Marra compromised himself to join up.)

Clinton Township is healthier than it has ever been. What happens next is up to you. Vote on June 2.

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