Dincuff to Public: Who cares about your comments or any promises we made?

Last night at the Clinton Township school board’s formal public hearing for the 2012-2013 budget, in the face of unanimous public opposition to what was described as “over-spending,” the board decided to not approve the budget.

Following a motion by member Rachel McLaughlin, seconded by Marc Freda, the board voted unanimously to put off action. In the ensuing discussion, the board members agreed to set a date for the third week of April (specifically after spring break) for a follow-up meeting. They would continue to review and reduce the budget by at least the $247,310 that board president Jim Dincuff promised last summer to return to taxpayers.

On the table, however, is also the $2.8 million of state aid delivered to the BOE for tax relief.

Less than 24 hours later, the board of education published this announcement on its website:

March Madness

In an insane example of March Madness, the BOE is now foregoing the detailed budget review and discussion that board members were told they’d be permitted to do — and they will rush to a vote on Thursday evening to approve the budget.

The board of education president, Jim Dincuff, has the power on his own to schedule special meetings.

It seems the BOE is telling the public — Who cares about your public comments?

Here we go again — More lies

In an August 30, 2011 letter to the editor, Dincuff said the administration team was going over the tax relief funds sent to Clinton Township by Governor Christie in July, in order to:

“…enable the district to offer better than flat taxes again [for 2012-2013], and allow us to use $247,310 to reduce the local tax levy.” [Emphasis added]
— Hunterdon Democrat

A few months later, Dincuff added the $247,310 to the budget to be spent in the 2012-2013 school year… Who cares what I promised you?

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