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Lying to get elected, Borkowski style

In an expected end-of-the-campaign dirty trick, the Imbriaco, Marra, Peck team has sent a letter to voters proclaiming that Clinton Township’s affordable housing plan is no good — and that they will build all our affordable housing on Windy Acres. … Continue reading

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Vote June 2

On June 2, you will decide whether Clinton Township continues to move ahead… or slips back into pernicious good-old-boy politics. I ran for mayor in 2005 because Clinton Township government was ineffective and unresponsive to the threats our town faced. … Continue reading

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Face the record before you vote

It’s time for Jim Imbriaco, Peter Marra and Spencer Peck to face their public records. They should not hide behind letters to the editor from their friends that tell you to ignore “the negativity.” Do you have the stomach — … Continue reading

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Peter Marra votes against Annandale

It seems that the Imbriaco, Marra, Peck campaign needs to oppose anything and everything the current administration does. No matter how beneficial it is. No matter how long the residents of Annandale have been waiting for good news. Some background: … Continue reading

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“Negativity” : Pay no attention to the public record!

Letters in The HC News supporting Imbriaco, Peck, Marra for council suggest that you should ignore the public record of their candidates. It’s too negative! Don’t look! Don’t listen! Shhh… just vote the way we tell you! When a political candidate’s … Continue reading

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James Imbriaco: A public record of reckless arrogance

In New Jersey, it is required that when government meets in public, citizens shall have an opportunity to express themselves. That’s why all public meetings have a public comment section. Public comment is not an opportunity for elected or appointed … Continue reading

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Oh, frabjous day! BOE agrees to record meetings.

At the May 13, 2009 Clinton Township Council meeting representatives of the Board of Education (BOE) appeared to discuss the school budget rejected by voters. After lots of excuses (“We can’t afford it! We’d rather spend the money on the … Continue reading

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We win a battle against sprawl & higher taxes

Want to know how Clinton Township stopped long-term tax hikes that result from sprawl? Every three years the N.J. State Planning Commission is supposed to issue The State Plan — a map that defines where the State wants development, and … Continue reading

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James Imbriaco: A legacy of appeasement, sprawl & higher taxes

It’s election time in Clinton Township. We expect to hear lofty promises and claims from candidates. Some of these statements are supported with facts; some of them are bull dinky. Don’t believe everything you hear. Look for evidence. Look at … Continue reading

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Can you do Board of Ed. “math”?

The only people in the audience at the April 27, 2009 Clinton Township Board of Education (BOE) meeting were Council President (and school liaison) Steve Krommenhoek, Hunterdon Democrat reporter Curtis Leeds, and two residents. You were not there. Do you know … Continue reading

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