A sick, perverted obession: Clinton Township school board president Jim Dincuff violates the First Amendment

Clinton Township School Board Meeting

Date: February 27
Time: 7:30pm

School board president Jim Dincuff:

Budget questions: Dincuff cuts off the speaker after 3 minutes, refuses to answer questions about a $26 million budget, calls the police, denies another board member’s request to give the speaker more time, has the speaker removed from the public meeting, and other board members react:

Dincuff orders board members and school district staff not to answer any questions:

Discrimination: A few minutes later, another speaker devotes the first half of the 3-minute limit to complimenting the school district, the board, and superintendent Kevin Carroll. The speaker goes well past 3 minutes and Dincuff permits him to continue talking until the speaker himself decides he is finished.

School board president Dincuff discriminates when applying the 3-minute rule and violates the First Amendment:


Hunterdon Review editorial: A fair, open process for everyone

Hunterdon Democrat editorial: Shut down


Hiding The Money: Dincuff schedules 7:30am vote on school budget

News coverage

The Courier News: Clinton Township ex-mayor escorted out of school board meeting by police amid spending flap

Hunterdon Democrat: February 28,  February 29March 1

Source Audio

The complete audio files of this school board meeting are available on the school board website.

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