Peter Marra votes against Annandale

It seems that the Imbriaco, Marra, Peck campaign needs to oppose anything and everything the current administration does. No matter how beneficial it is. No matter how long the residents of Annandale have been waiting for good news.

Some background: A prime historic Annandale property sits neglected for over a decade. During the Borkowksi administration, calls from residents to clean the property up are ignored. The property loses much of its value. When a new council acts to bring it back to life, temporary council member Peter Marra — who is supported by Borkowski in the upcoming election — votes against the measure.

When Clinton Township sold the Old Beaverbrook Homestead to Neil Van Cleef, the idea was that Van Cleef — the owner of an engineering firm whose passion is revitalizing historic properties — would turn it into a multi-use site. It would include a restaurant, a handful of condos, office space and some retail. Exactly what Annandale needs to bring the village back to life. And that’s exactly what Van Cleef proposed to the planning board.

Finally, after years of neglect, a private party — using no tax dollars — would re-set the jewel of Annandale to good use. Annandale residents have wholeheartedly supported this wonderful project.

Last Wednesday night the council voted on ordinance #983-09 to permit Neil Van Cleef to get work underway. The ordinance passed 4 to 1.

Temporary council member Peter Marra voted against it. Why? He told me that he “wants more input from nearby residents.”

The matter has been on the docket for months. The ordinance has been publicized and a public hearing was held. No one protested. No one objected.

Marra reveals his adherence the Spencer Peck philosophy of government. “Don’t do anything without the consent of the people. The people must vote before we take any action. We must not force anything on the people. The people must decide every issue themselves.”

Marra’s attitude reflects the six years of neglect and inaction of the Borkowski administration. It reflects an unwillingness to take responsibility as an elected official. It demonstrates an effort to return to the politics of doing nothing — in order to advance a political agenda. Peter Marra is backed by Tom Borkowski in this election. And it shows.

The village of Annandale should take notice. Marra’s running mate, Jim Imbriaco, delivered The Mews to Annandale in 1997 and approved a plan to bring another 90 units of housing the Old Beaverbrook. The Imbriaco-Borkowski period virtually trashed Annandale.

The council has been working hard to show the residents of Annandale that we care — and that we value the village. The Beaverbrook Homestead project is the start of a bright new era for the village.

Isn’t it time to put personal political agendas aside and start doing the right thing for Clinton Township and Annandale?

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