Face the record before you vote

It’s time for Jim Imbriaco, Peter Marra and Spencer Peck to face their public records.

They should not hide behind letters to the editor from their friends that tell you to ignore “the negativity.”

Do you have the stomach — and the time — for the facts? Are you interested in hearing Jim Imbriaco’s words from his own mouth — before you vote?

Do you have the facts about the Imbriaco, Marra, Peck campaign? They make claims about their “plans” — plans that are not their plans at all… but Township initiatives that are already accomplished.

Do you have time to Face the Record before you vote on June 2? You can’t afford not to click here.

Unless you want to see more of this:

Before Imbriaco...

On the shores of Spruce Run BEFORE IMBRIACO...

Turn into more of this:
... During Imbriacos planning board chairmanship

... The results of Imbriaco's planning board chairmanship


Jim Imbriaco, Windy Acres Hearing, October 5, 2005
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