Spencer Peck is in control

In a recent letter to the editor in the Hunterdon County News Online, Clinton Township’s newest Council member Spencer Peck states “on behalf of the Mayor and Council” that “We oppose making Hunterdon County into a police state over recycling.”

Small problem. There is no record of any authorization granted by Clinton Township’s Council permitting Peck to express the Mayor and Council’s official position on recycling to the public or to the County. Nor has the Council authorized Peck to make disparaging comments about the County on its behalf.

Peck has in the past repeatedly lambasted municipal officials for taking actions not authorized by an explicit vote of the people. Now two Council meetings into his term, Peck has not yet studied the rules of serving on the Council, nor does he care that he needs authorization of the elected body to make official statements on behalf of the Township. He has apparently assumed control, speaking on behalf of the Council and the Mayor at his whim.

(Spencer Peck claims a doctorate.)

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